everything about LID

Company profile

Unsere Leistungen L.I.D. was founded in 2000 from two German and two South African engineers with headquarter in Johannesburg. We provide management expertise in all phases from conceptual design to postimplementation support.

L.I.D. is organized in severals partitions which work for special design:

Global Design

  • Frame planning and economic planning (feasibility studys)
  • Infrastructure development for social and private areas
  • Master plan
  • Strategy planning
  • Power management
  • Project management

Special design and implementation (installation) for computer technology

  • Network systems
  • Smart card systems
  • Database management
  • Full system life cycle management
  • Requirements analysis
  • System design and development
  • Implementation & Migration
  • Production support
  • Voice over IP
  • Video conference systems
  • RFID-Systems

Special design and implementation (installation) for electricity systems

  • Lighting protection systems
  • Cable Fault Detection for Low and High Voltage Systems AC/DC
  • Control systems
  • Power Controller for Ligtning Systems (Save Energy from 20% to 30%)
  • Solar systems
  • Wind mill from 5kW to 50kW
  • Low and high voltage cable systems and transformation
  • Video and security systems
  • Telephone systems (1 port ++)
  • Call systems for hospital and emergency
  • Installation of all systems

Special design for water supply and water service

  • Purification, desalting, softening and hardening etc
  • Water-reservoirs, Water-storage tanks, Water-towers
  • Pumping stations, piping, pipeline
  • Hydroelectric power station
  • Pipe renovation and rehabilitation
  • Special calculation of pipe networks

Special design for sewage- and storm-water

  • Culvet and pipe networks
  • Treatment plant
  • Storm-water reservoirs, utilisation and management
  • Inverted siphon
  • Culvet renovation and rehabilitation
  • Run-off and capacity calculations of pipe networks

Special design for hydraulic engineering

  • Hydraulic structure
  • Water-ways
  • Weir
  • Dams
  • Ports
  • Special calculation of hydraulic systems

Special design for spa

  • Fun spa
  • Special systems for water slides

Special design for waste/wood

  • Waste incinisation power plant
  • Gasification power plant
  • Bio-gas plant
  • Waste dump sites